Congratulations to Yasushi Nagata and his team at Hiroshima High-Precision Radiotherapy Cancer Center (HIPRAC) for their re-certification of Novalis Certified, an accreditation program for quality and patient safety standards in radiosurgery by Novalis Circle. In 2016, HIPRAC was the first center in Japan to become Novalis Certified, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to high standards in radiotherapy delivery.

The re-certification process was conducted by a third party panel of experts, including Masayori Ishikawa, PhD., Novalis-accredited reviewer and Senior Medical Physicist of Hokkaido University Hospital, supported by Timothy Solberg, PhD.

As a Novalis Certified center, HIPRAC continues to show their dedication to providing the highest quality of care to their patients in the areas of quality, safety, clinical workflow, clinical support and administration. For patients, this re-certification is a benchmark by which to measure safety and treatment quality when researching radiation therapy options for cancer treatment.

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