Instituto Zunino Leading The Way In Spine SRS Treatment 


Instituto privado de Radioterapia Oncológica S.A. (IPRO)

Instituto Zunino in Córdoba, Argentina has a long history of collaboration with Brainlab. The team at Instituto Zunino has been treating patients with Brainlab spine stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) technology since 2012. The team began with IMRT and iPlan, later exploring hybrid plans by mixing arcs and conformal beams with delivery taking between 6-7 minutes. In 2016, the hospital acquired Brainlab Elements Spine SRS and since upgrading to version 1.5, they now treat all patients with this advanced planning software. As a result, delivery time is down to 3-4 minutes.

When selecting their treatment planning software Silvia Zunino, MD PhD, explained that they were searching for technology with a human aspect. They wanted to ensure patient care was at the center of treatments, which meant efficient treatment times, strict QA standards, and high precision delivery. With Brainlab technology, “we are able to create protocol-driven treatment plans to improve normal tissue sparing as well as good control of disease and toxicity” says Dr Zunino. To better serve patients with significant pain, they are now also able to make quick turnaround times a reality, even within a matter of a few days.

Instituto Privado de Radioterapia S.A. (IPR)

What sets Instituto Zunino apart is their philosophy that Novalis is much more than advanced technology—It’s a whole process that can positively impact every part of the treatment workflow. Since they began using Spine SRS 1.5, they have seen a 25% reduction in treatment time. The planning is so intuitive, in fact, that every member of the team is now capable of making a Spine SRS plan. Watch Dr. Peña’s, talk titled “Clinical Experience Utilizing Elements Spine SRS”  and Dr. Venencia’s talk on “Clinical Implementation and Quality Insurance for Spine Radiosurgery” to learn more about their experiences with spine radiosurgery.