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We have been using IR markers for Lung SBRT for several years and have been able to use them without too many problems. We recently upgraded to Exactrac V 6.2.2 from 6.2.1. We have noticed that we have not been able to use the IR markers to position the patient since then. When we set up a patient with IR markers, the Exactrac system is not able to move to the initial isocenter and finalize position. It keeps trying and then will say position not reached. We have not had this issue before consistently. We are not sure if this is an issue with our upgrade or potentially with the IR camera. What we have been able to narrow down is that the system works fine on a phantom setup where there is no movement. It is not able to move to position with patients now, even though the patient has minimal movement. Has anyone run into a similar issue? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.