Universitätsklinikum Krems Renews Novalis Certification 

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Anja Bayerl and her team at the Universitätsklinikum Krems for being the first hospital in Austria to achieve their second Novalis Certified award. With this recertification, they are renewing their membership to the worldwide community of Novalis Certified, an independent accreditation program that ensures uniform standards in Radiosurgery.

Prof. Dr. Anja Bayerl and her team are proud to be the first in Austria to achieve their second certification. Novalis Certified is usually awarded for four years, after which the hospitals, their equipment and processes are examined for recertification by a panel of experts according to the international requirements of Novalis Certified.

“Our main focus is on the best possible care for patients. The review by an external panel of experts confirms that we perform work at the highest level and in compliance with international quality standards,” says Prof. Dr. Anja Bayerl.

Learn more about the Novalis Certified here.