ESTRO 2022 - Novalis Circle Symposium

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Clinical applications of Elements and ExacTrac Dynamic
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The Novalis Circle is honored to welcome the following speakers as they share their initial experience utilizing Elements and ExacTrac Dynamic, highlighting IGRT and SGRT requirements for brain and body indications.

Julian Biau, MD
Centre Jean Perrin Centre régional de lutte contre le cancer, France

Paul Retif, PhD
CHR Metz-Thionville, France

Mark de Ridder, MD
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, Belgium

Thierry Gevaert, PhD
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, Belgium

Ute Ganswindt, MD
Innsbruck Medical University, Austria

Julian Mangesius, MD
Innsbruck Medical University, Austria

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