Successful installation at National Institute of Medicine MSWIA in Warsaw, Poland

We are thrilled to announce the successful installation of not only our ExacTrac Dynamic® hardware but also our Robotic Suite at The National Institute of Medicine MSWIA in Warsaw, Poland. Our Robotic Suite includes three Brainlab products with state-of-the-art modalities: our mobile imaging robot Loop-X, image-guided surgery platform Curve, and Cirq our robotic surgical system.

ExacTrac Dynamic is our all-in-one system for delivering high-precision radiotherapy treatment. It includes our Elements software which enables multidisciplinary teams

to efficiently plan cases together.

These cutting-edge products allow Dr. Artur Zaczynski, hospital director and head neurosurgeon and Dr. Katarzyna Ziemba, head of radiation oncology and the team to offer patients completely personalized oncological treatments, making them medical pioneers in Central Europe.

We are committed to advancing patient care through state-of-the-art products, and this accomplishment is a significant leap forward in our mission.

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