Dear Doctors,

My region customers are looking for patient specific  small field VMAT dosimetry tools compatible with cranial SRS 3.0& Multiple Brainmets 3.0.

Could you recommend small field VMAT dosimetry tools models to us.

This may be helpful to new customers.



    • Thank you for the question. We use Multiple Mets Element and the question applies differently for MME vs. Cranial SRS. Given that the planning and delivery methods for MME are dynamic conformal arcs and not VMAT, our institutional policies now allow for reduction of the patient specific quality assurance to secondary independent calculations. With that said, we have done dosimetry for the first 12 MME patients that can be applied for the Cranial SRS Element as well. Please see the attached document for the details.
      • In our clinic, we use Sun Nuclear's SunCheck Platform which includes both DoseCheck and PerFraction. As Dr. Agazaryan mentioned, for MME we don't run patient specific QA measurements for all plans (once it is thoroughly commissioned). We use DoseCheck to look at a point dose per target as well as a gamma score and mean dose difference for each target. (Dose Check allows both point dose calculations and 3D dose calculations.) For Cranial SRS, we use Sun Nuclear's PerFraction (Fraction 0) for patient specific measurements as well as DoseCheck. If you have further questions about our use of the SunCheck platform (and how we commissioned it), I am happy to give you more detailed information.

        For initial commissioning (and for patient specific QA for our first set of patients) we shot films using GAFChromic XD film and analyzed them using FilmQA Pro.

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