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Clinical Workflow ExacTrac Dynamic DIBH Setup with CBCT/MV Checks
ExacTrac Dynamic 1.1
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Jenna Everett
Same. Annoying!
Bassima Lecomte
the same for me
Bogdan Valcu
You can also view this in the Novalis Circle app
Gaëlle Dubois
You can find a workflow video available on the Video Library Clinical Workflow ETD DIBH w CMCTMV Checks ExacTrac Dynamic 1.1 (novaliscircle.org)
Gaëlle Dubois
to connect to Novalis Circle App. Apple: Brainlab Novalis Circle on the App Store (apple.com)
Gaëlle Dubois
Matthew Pacella
Shouldn't we have received a calendar invite for this?
Lauri Järvinen
How was the planned target line defined at positioning?
Jaana Mäkitalo
Did I understand correctly you define breating level at linac before the first fraction? Do you take planning CT in free breathing or breath hold?
Gaëlle Dubois
@Matthew Pacella if you sync calendar, yes one hour before the live stream.
Matthew Pacella
Can we use this for relaxed exhale breath hold that is used for lung cases?
Matthew Pacella
We perform 2 CT's. One normal and one exhale
Matthew Pacella
Lauri Järvinen
Can the system be used as a sole SGRT system, i.e. without utilizing x-ray images from the ExacTrac?
Lauri Järvinen
Thank you!
Raquel Ciervide
Congrats! Very interesting!
Imelda Calic
thank You
Gaëlle Dubois
Thanks for attending. here you can find more videos Video library (novaliscircle.org)
Giuliana Russo
Mazen Moussallem
Thank you very much for this beautiful and clear presentation!

I would be very grateful if you could clarify few points for me.

Regarding the information acquired from the CT simulation, you used only free-breathing and breath-hold CTs, disregarding the breathing amplitude (the respiration curve) in the breath-hold CT. Perhaps you implicitly used breath amplitude when applying the registration between the online surface image and the total imported surface from the breath-hold CT.

If this is the case, I think that we cannot be wary of the precision without explicitly using the respiratory amplitude resulting from the breath-hold CT curve. Consequently, in my opinion, if the respiratory amplitude is not explicitly taken into account, a bad patient position or a physiological variation in respiratory muscle contraction, can provoke a daily variation in the lung volumes and the position of the heart for an online surface approximately equal to the breath-hold CT surface!

Also, in my opinion, a fast free-breathing CT can not be used as a reference because it can vary between two different successive acquisitions, due to the data acquisition position in the respiratory cycle.

Thank you and best regards,
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Dear Novalis Circle Community:

I would like to invite you to participate in our first Live Stream on our new on-line and mobile platforms. On April 5th, I will be visiting UZ Brussel and have a live session together with @Thierry Gevaert to highlight an advanced setup for left side breast patients.

The stream will include the introduction of a workflow video for ExacTrac Dynamic 1.1 DIBH module. We will review an advanced integration with the linac console and show how to perform setup verifications with both Breath-Hold CBCT and MV checks before and throughout the treatment.

The latter part of the stream will be a live question and answer session in which we will answer your inquiries submitted via the live chat interface.

Please join me on this interactive practical session! Looking forward to your participation.

Best regards,

@Bogdan Valcu

Director, Novalis Circle

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ExacTrac Dynamic Clinical Workflows Live Stream
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15:00 - 16:00